Co-lab Finger Project

We had the opportunity to participate in the logo design, branding, marketing and packaging of a new product patented by our own JCCC Nursing program and distributed by a larger corporation called Pocket Nurse.
This was a collaborative and professional experience for a team of three Graphic Design students and myself. The product which is an apparatus you wear on your finger, allows students to draw blood without actually puncturing their own or another student’s skin. This will be a huge market in Nursing schools all over the world. All proceeds benefit the college.

The marketing & graphic design elements of product development:

  • Company Logo (JCCC Innovations)
  • Technology Name/Logo (Ex. Glucose Simulator)
  • Product Name/Logo (Ex. The Finger)
  • Kit design
  • Quick Start Guide (step by step visuals)


The project steering committee determined a priority to optimize student engagement. JCCC also partnered with HIPPO and medical division of MMB Advertising. This allowed students to learn from seasoned advertising designers and helped move the project to completion. The project was started over the Holiday break 2016-17 and was completed mid March. Each student and myself logged over fifty hours of personal time to work on the project.

  • Final Company Logo (JC3)
  • Product Name/Logo (Finger Shield)
  • Kit design and instructions booklet