Terry’s Snake Plant

I have owned this Snake Plant for about 12 years. When I picked it out, it was about 10 inches high. Now it stands about 66 inches high.Terry's Snake Plant

What attracted me to this plant, besides the name, is the shape of its leaves. The leaves stand upright and some tend to twist and slightly spiral as they get larger. I have had a lot of fun with this plant over the years. I have even transplanted some of the leaves and given them to friends.

This plant is also extremely tough. It can go long periods of time without water. I used to tour a lot, so having a plant that did not die while I was on the road was huge for me. It also does not need much sunlight either. Like most men that get a plant, I didn’t research care instructions for it, I just hoped it wouldn’t die. It has also survived many moves, getting dropped a few times on those moves, and survived the move from South Dakota to Kansas 9 years ago. I am telling you this plant is the “Rocky” of plants.

I have never looked it up on line before, so I decided to Wikipedia it for this paper. Some interesting facts I learned about it (taken from www.wikipedia.com):

– In Brazil it is used as a blade in rituals to remove “evil eye”.

– In Africa it is used as a charm against evil.

– One of the best plants for improving air quality by absorbing toxins from the air, stated by NASA.

– Also known as “Mother-in-Laws Tongue” due to its sharpness. (I found this just too silly not to mention).

– Also was used to make strings for bows.

I am glad I did the research on this plant, I actually found out some pretty cool things about it and I plan to do some further research on it. I think I am going to go buy another one now!


Terry Taylor 4/19/2012

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  1. If you treat them right they produce a stalk with little white and very nectar rich flowers. Mine blooms once a year and the smell is very sweet.

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