HLC Math Qualifications

Course Appeal Form

Compliance Plan Form  (Due November 15th)

Important Dates

  • December 2016 – All College Now faculty who do not not meet HLC guidelines need to have a plan in their file for how they plan to meet the guideline by September 2019
  • September 2019 – College Now faculty have to meet credential standards.
  • September 2022 –  JCCC has filed for an extension with HLC. If the extension is granted, College Now faculty will have to meet credential standards by this date.

University of Northern Colorado

    • The Mathematics Graduate Certificate is designed for those individuals who already have a master’s degree and need 18 credit hours of graduate mathematics to meet credential requirements for teaching undergraduate mathematics courses.
  • A Summers-Only, Mostly Online Delivery with Short Visits to Colorado
    • This program is delivered over the course of two Summers. You’ll attend online classes throughout each June and July that include synchronous (scheduled) online class sessions, and visit us in Greeley, Colorado (near the Rocky Mountains and Denver) for one week (4 days) as part of your July classes.


University of Nebraska at Kearney

Two or three online math courses are offered each summer. New courses are in development and a steady rotation has not yet been established. Courses (all 3-credit) that have been offered recently include:

KU Course Listing

  • Credit / Transfer
  • KU Edwards Grad Math Courses
    • Cost: $155 per credit hour for the following courses
      KU Edwards Contact: Michelle Reames at michelle.reames@ku.edu
      Program Offerings
      Discussions ongoing to cross list courses as either math or applied statistics. Graduate certificate in applied certificate currently in development
      · STAT 805 Professionalism, Ethics and Leadership in the Statistical Sciences (3 credits)
      · STAT 823 Applied Statistics in R (3 credits)
      Courses offered online Summer 2017
      · STAT 820 Statistical Computing/SAS Base (3 credits)
      · STAT 840 Linear Regression (3 credits)
      Courses offered online Fall 2017
      · STAT 830: Experimental Design (3 credits)
      Courses offered online Spring 2018

K-State Course Listing

  • K-State offers online MATH 706: Theory of Numbers.
  • They are planning on having 6 courses at the 500 level or above in the summer. These will not be online, so that may not be of help to most of you.

Emporia State Course Listing


  • In Fall 2017, on TR, 5:30-6:45 pm, UMKC is offering Math 424/5524 Mathematics for Secondary Teachers: Geometry, taught as a single class. The description is as follows:Designed for secondary-school teachers. Examine high school mathematics from a higher point of view. Congruence, distance and similarity, trigonometry, area and volume, axiomatics and Euclidean geometry; analyses of alternate approaches, extensions, and applications of mathematical ideas, discussion of historical contexts and connections between ideas that may have been studied separately in different courses, relationships of ideas studied in secondary-school to those students may encounter in later study. When taken for graduate credit as MATH 5524, an extra project is required.Prerequisites: MATH 300, MATH 301.

Missouri Southern State University

  • In-state tuition/Lion Pride Rate: $250/credit hour
    Out-of-state tuition: $375/credit hour
    Other fees apply.
    Math 526 Statistical Analysis (3 credit hours)
    Provides a basis for understanding and evaluating statistical studies as well as teaching participants a wide variety of statistical analysis techniques. Topics include: Data collection, observational vs experimental studies, surveys, linear regression, and hypothesis testing involving proportions and means. The course includes applications in a variety of fields including: education, social science, criminal justice, medicine, biology, and business.

University of Findlay

  • The have an online program for dual credit instructors, that offers a few upper-level math courses.