International Mother Language Day

We celebrated International Mother Language Day at JCCC with games, food, and informational tables. I represented the Ancient Languages of Sumerian (cuneiform), Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Latin, and Greek.

Ancient Languages Table

Ancient Languages Table

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New Year, New Developments


Happy New Year! The hieroglyph above stands for the “Opening of the Year” which refers to the Egyptian New Year. Although they celebrated their new year in the summer, it is an appropriate hieroglyph to start 2020 off right.


I have many Egyptological developments in the works for 2020. Please see my course page for upcoming Spring and Summer 2020 Continuing Education courses (, my Lectures and Media page for details of several talks in January and February (,  and bookmark the Egyptological Symposium page for information about the first ever Egyptological Symposium in the region (

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Humanities Kansas talk: Concordia, KS

On Monday, 3 June 2019, I traveled to the Frank Carlson Library in Concordia, KS, to deliver my Humanities Kansas talk, “In Their Own Words: The Ancient Egyptians.” You can find more information about this presentation here:

The staff of the Frank Carlson Library exemplified hospitality and had advertised my talk in local print, television, and radio ads. For the first time, my name was up in lights on Broadway…Street.

The audience was engaging and understanding as the beginning of my presentation was plagued with audio-visual issues. After it was over, I spent some time conversing with people of all walks of life from the 4-year-old who wants to be an Egyptologist-Football Player when he grows up to the retired professional who had been on archaeological digs around the world.

All in all, the mission of Humanities Kansas was clear: bringing cultural/historical presentations to under-served areas and building bridges between communities. Until the next one!


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Summer and Fall 2019 Egyptology CE Courses

Registration is open for all remaining Egyptology courses at JCCC this year. You can register and find more details here:


Egyptian Mythology 

The religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians have fascinated us for millennia. Study gods and goddesses, creation myths, how ancient Egyptians worshipped, and what they believed about the Afterlife. Also learn the hieroglyphic names for the deities along with those of key words and concepts. The instructor has a graduate degree in Egyptology and is the only Egyptologist in the Kansas City metro area.

A textbook is required for this course and can be purchased through your preferred vendor or the JCCC Bookstore (If using the Bookstore, mention that it is for a Continuing Education class.):

The Egyptian Myths: A Guide to the Ancient Gods and Legends by Garry Shaw

ISBN 9780500251980

Main Campus

2019 Summer

7/02/19- 7/23/19 (Tuesdays)

7:00 PM-9:00 PM

$ 79

Ancient Egyptian Literature 

Uncover the challenges, triumphs, religious beliefs, philosophical ideas, and daily experiences of the ancient Egyptians from the writings they left behind. Class readings include myths, adventure stories, autobiographies, historical accounts, love songs, and more; all texts are in English, and the instructor will provide cultural and historical information to enhance understanding of the literary works.

A textbook is required for this course and can be purchased through your preferred vendor or the JCCC Bookstore (If using the Bookstore, mention that it is for a Continuing Education class.):

The Literature of Ancient Egypt: An Anthology of Stories, Instructions, Stelae, Autobiographies, and Poetry by William Kelley Simpson (3rd edition)
ISBN 9780300099201

Main Campus

2019 Fall

10/01/19-11/19/19 (Tuesdays)

7:00 PM-9:00 PM

$ 129



Nefertari: Lady of the Two Lands 

Celebrate the Egyptian queen’s life and historical setting, role as Great Royal Wife, temple at Abu Simbel, and world-famous tomb in the Valley of the Queens.

Designed to be an in-depth orientation to Nefertari in anticipation of the temporary exhibit “Nefertari: Queen of Egypt” that will be at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art from 11/10/19-03/29/20.

Main Campus

2019 Fall

10/16/19-11/06/19 (Wednesdays)

7:00 PM-9:00 PM

$ 79



Expedition to Egypt: A Travelogue

Whether you are planning a trip to Egypt or want to visit from the comfort of your chair, join Egyptologist Stacy Davidson for an Egyptian travelogue. Highlights include the major tourist sites (including the Pyramids of Giza, the Valley of the Kings, and Karnak Temple) and a historical, geographic, cultural, linguistic, and artistic background to the Egypt of the pharaohs.

Main Campus

2019 Fall

10/21/19 (Monday)–One Night Only



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2019 Continuing Education Courses

I have several adult and youth Continuing Education courses now available for registration. See the flyers below for details:

Full size flyers can be found here: 2019 JCCC CE Flyer Davidson SY2019Flyer

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Noon at the Nerman, Friday, 9 Nov 2018 at JCCC

Davidson is presenter for Nov.9 “Noon at the Nerman” Program
     Stacy Davidson, adjunct professor, History, is the presenter for the Noon at the Nerman program and discussion series at noon Friday, Nov. 9. She will discuss Antony Gormley’s sculpture, Still Standing, located in the Student Center. Meet at noon in the lobby of the Nerman Museum. It’s free, and no reservations are required.

     Noon at the Nerman is a weekly interdisciplinary program examining works of art on view at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art or on campus. Students, staff and visitors will gather at the Atrium at noon on Fridays then walk to one of the artworks on campus or in the Nerman Museum to hear a JCCC faculty or staff member speak briefly on that work of art. Interested in presenting? Contact Allison Smith, professor of art history, at ext. 3498 or by e-mail at

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Women in Ancient Egypt


Women in Ancient Egypt is a new 4-week Continuing Education course being offered at JCCC Monday nights from 7-9pm starting on 23 July 2018. Learn about women who ruled Egypt as kings, queens who fought for Egypt’s freedom, priestesses who held religious and political power, family life, and what legal rights women were granted.

A textbook is required for this course and can be purchased through your preferred vendor or at the JCCC Bookstore:

Women in Ancient Egypt by Gay Robins, Harvard University Press

ISBN 9780674954694


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ARCE’s Annual Meeting 2018 in Tucson, AZ

Last weekend the American Research Center in Egypt held its annual meeting in Tucson, AZ ( For three days, Egyptologists from around the world converged on the Tucson Marriott University Park for lectures, networking, and visiting vendor stalls. Kansas City was well-represented with two of our Egyptology students being invited back as volunteers.

Prof. Davidson, Jennifer, and Natalie

The trip to Tucson from Kansas City began with a pyramid sighting. Pyramids remained the theme of the journey.

Pyramid at KCI

American Airlines fabric

Nubian pyramid design

Inverted step pyramid design

Transportation business card

Conference booklet and badge

Egyptian pouch, journal, and Rosetta Stone socks

Friday’s lectures began at 8:30am. Each 30-minute time slot had four lecture choices, so it was important to research and plan ahead; inevitably, there were multiple lectures per time slot that participants wanted to see. Here are my selections:

On Friday night there was time to find dinner then wander around the University of Arizona’s campus.


On Saturday morning, more participants arrived, and the hotel lobby was buzzing with activity. My lecture choices for Saturday included:

There was about a half an hour in between the end of lectures on Saturday and the closing time of the Arizona State Museum (, so the three of us run ran over to see as much as we could before closing. The conservation window had been specially prepared for ARCE members, as the Egyptian objects housed in the museum are typically not on display. The Arizona State Museum focuses on the art, history, and culture of the American Southwest.

On Saturday night we had a delicious dinner then wandered around Tucson’s historic 4th Avenue. Egypt is everywhere!

On the last morning of ARCE I attended more lectures before heading off to see some of Tucson.

I also caught up with Allan, a friend and participant on my 2016 International Study Trip to London, Oxford, and Berlin ( He was manning a booth about his project, Archaeological Photography Exchange (

After ARCE ended we had time to explore the Saguaro National Park ( The cacti were in bloom.

On Monday, we explored Tucson’s Botanical Gardens ( and missed the blooming of the corpse flower by a day!

All in all, it was an amazing weekend full of Egyptology. Next year in Alexandria, VA!


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JCCC Summer Youth Program 2018

Registration opened today for the 2018 JCCC Summer Youth Program, and the response is strong! Type “Davidson” in the search box at to view a complete list of my youth and adult offerings. Class descriptions are available on the registration website; contact me with any questions. Subjects include ancient language courses–including the only Egyptian Hieroglyphs youth course in the Kansas City area as well as Latin and Greek, Egyptian civilization, religions of the ancient Mediterranean, Harry Potter, and more. Those who enroll in three or more CE classes in one transaction receive a 15% discount.

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