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Spring 2017 CE Courses: Egyptomania and Latin and Greek for the Modern World

Posted by on December 12, 2016

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*Students who enroll in 3 or more CE classes in one transaction get a 15% discount!*

Egyptomania: Egypt’s Influence on the Arts 


Ancient Egypt’s influence on the visual arts, music, film, architecture, and the written word is vast; some call this excessive love of ancient Egypt “Egyptomania.” In this multimedia course, you will explore the legacy of ancient Egypt in the arts. This is a creative and interactive course in which students are encouraged to analyze and interpret works of visual art, musical themes, passages of literature/poetry, and film clips.

CRN Days Time Date Location
50196 001 M—— 07:00-08:59 PM 03/20/17-04/10/17 CC 124

Mt. Mora cemetery, St. Joseph, MO


Mt. Mora cemetery, St. Joseph, MO


Mt. Mora cemetery, St. Joseph, MO


Mt. Mora cemetery, St. Joseph, MO

Latin and Greek for the Modern World


Over 60% of English vocabulary is derived from Latin and Greek as well as 90% of scientific and technical terms. You will be introduced to the basics of the Latin and Greek languages (including how to read Greek script); epic poetry, history, mythology, and culture will also be explored. Learning both Latin and Greek concurrently hearkens back to a traditional model of classics education which stressed logic, critical thinking, and making connections across disciplines.

CRN Days Time Date Location
50197 001 –W—- 07:00-08:59 PM 03/22/17-05/10/17 CC 124

Odysseus slide

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