Sustainability Award

Deadline: March 23

The Sustainable JCCC Annual Award is given in recognition of exemplary actions by an individual or team of JCCC employees to create a more sustainable campus. This award is designed to reward efforts above and beyond the basic requirements of the E3 Office Program or basic job responsibilities. Preference is given to projects with greatest impact, but all scales of projects are considered.

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Email The Center for Sustainability for additional information.

2019 Recipients – Invidivual: Deborah Williams; Team: Grounds Department

2018 Recipients – Invidivual: Kate McNeil; Team: Lana Hodes, Kris Dye, Tami Jones, Meghan Hinojosa, Jennifer Rosauer

2017 Recipients – Individual: Jason Arnett; Team: Barbara Larson, Tom Pagano, Matthew Holmes, Del Lovitt, Mary O’Sullivan, Shannon Ford, Laura Radke, Sandra Warner

2016 Recipients – Individual: Faye Martin; Team: Lary Dice, Bruce Hines, Paul Knoettgen, Michael Myers

2015 Recipients – Individual: Claudia Martin-Ayoade; Team: PJ Barnett, Beatte Pettigrew