Finance & Security

Financial & Security

Maintaining FINANCIAL and PERSONAL SECURITY is important. There are many factors in maximizing health and wellness. The following activities serve to provide employees opportunities to advance their well-being.

1. Regular Review of your FINANCIAL STATEMENTS is important to financial security. Review your personal budget, bank statement, retirement statement, pay stub, or other financial disclosure to increase your financial literacy.

2. Schedule a meeting with a FINANCIAL ADVISOR which might include our financial partners or other financial representative of your choosing.

To schedule an individual meeting with TIAA-CREF or Two West Consultants You can discuss your Retirement Account on a confidential basis.

TIAA-CREF 800-732-8353
TIAA Financial representatives will be on campus for one-on-one appointments:
Jan. 7, Jan. 30, Feb. 4, Feb. 27, Mar. 18, Mar. 24 and Apr. 7
Go to:

Two West 913-647-8376
Two West will be on campus to hold individual retirement plan consultations on Jan. 17, Feb. 18 and March 14! SIGN UP TODAY: Space is limited, click here to register your time slot
Questions to ask your financial advisor:
• Are my investments properly allocated?
• Am I on track to meet my retirement goals?
• Am I saving enough?
• Is Roth right for me?
• How can I reduce my personal debt?
• What do I do with my rollovers?
The consultation will provide you with a personalized actionable plan based on your goals, time horizon and individual risk tolerance.