Employee Engagement Survey 2019

In March 2019, Quantum Workplace distributed the third employee engagement survey via their confidential, online survey portal. The survey offered opportunities to rate statements in different dimensions of employee engagement, such as team effectiveness, job satisfaction and perceptions of management.

This year, we had a 56.8% completion rate, up from 54.1% in 2017.   The overall favorable responses (Agree or Strongly Agree) was 61.9%.


A presentation of the results is linked below. Comparisons to the 2017 survey results, as well as Education Benchmarks, are included.

Employee Engagement Survey 2019 Results


March 4th – Survey distributed
17th – Survey closed
April 2nd – Survey results
8th-19th– Cabinet review & training
24th– Survey results to Managers
25th – Managers given access to view departmental results
29th, 30th – Manager training
May 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th – Manager training
15th – Survey results to all Employees
June 10th – Survey Follow-Up Session, RC 270 10-11am Register HERE
26th – Survey Follow-Up Session, RC 270 1-2pm Register HERE
July 11th – Survey Follow-Up Session, RC 101 C 10-11am Register HERE
23rd – Survey Follow-Up Session, RC 270 1-2pm Register HERE
August Listening sessions are scheduled during Professional Development Days.
12th – RC 145 3-3:50pm
13th – RC 145 2-2:50pm
View PDD Schedule HERE
Ongoing Managers meet with their teams