KCPDC Supervisor Certification

KCPDC Supervisor Certification is a program developed by the Kansas City Professional Development Council (KCPDC) for supervisors at institutions of higher education in the Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri area. The content is appropriate for both faculty and non-faculty supervisors. The program consists of a group of core and elective sessions. Each four-hour session is hands-on and interactive; simulations and skill practices will be used when possible. The content is practical yet generic enough to apply to a variety of higher education environments. Upon completion of the seven core classes and an additional elective session, participants will receive a certificate from the Kansas City Professional Development Council.

Registration is FREE. Course offerings appear in the Staff Development Class Search. Enter ZPDC in the search field. You may register through MyJCCC using your selected CRNs.

KCPDC also offers special topics, an annual supervisory and staff focused conference, a faculty development program and an annual faculty focused conference.

Further details are available on the KCPDC web page. You may also call ext. 7654 or e-mail staffdev.dept@jccc.edu.