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Tip! If Something Doesn’t Work, Report it

JCCC is a big place, full of classrooms and conference rooms, and there’s more electronics installed in more of those rooms all the time. On any given day, some pieces of it are going to fail. The failure may be temporary or permanent, it may be an emergency or a nuisance — but if no one reports it (and it’s not a hiccup) it may never get fixed. If it’s something that hiccups all the time and no one reports it, it may never be replaced with something reliable.

So when something isn’t working, do yourself and your colleagues a favor and open a ticket with the Technical Support Center. The form for doing that is at


As the form itself clarifies, if you are dealing with an emergency, please call the emergency help line at (913)469-8500, extension 4357, option 2. From a campus phone the extension can be dialed directly.