Pearson Publisher Integration Changes

As part of a move to the new LTI 1.3 LMS integration standard, Pearson publisher tools in use at JCCC will be changing. Pearson MyLab & Mastering and Pearson Revel will be replaced with a new tool called Pearson Access, which will contain the functionality of the previous tools. Support information guides for transitioning can be found on Pearson’s Website:

Transition Guide from Pearson LTI 1.1 to LTI 1.3

If you are using the new Pearson Access LTI 1.3 tool for the first time

You are encouraged to contact Jeff Kosko,  Ext. 3669, in the Educational Technology  Center, LIB 375A,  to assist you with this process.

or your Pearson rep:

Patrick Havens
Pearson Sales Representative, 617-939-0344

or email with any questions you have.

The new Pearson Access tool will be installed at JCCC on May 23, 2023 in Canvas. The old tools of MyLab and Mastering and the old Pearson LTI are anticipated to be removed from Canvas by December 31, 2023.