Zoom Enhanced Classrooms

Zoom Enhanced Classrooms provide additional functionality to support both face-to-face and remote student access to on-campus lectures.  These classrooms allow for the instructor to teach on campus with ceiling microphones and speakers and to allow remote students to see activity with Point, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) cameras.  These technologies are connected to dedicated Zoom classrooms.

The following classrooms are part of the conversation on adding additional functionality to teach both face-to-face and remotely for students.

SCI 222

MTC 224

CTE 233

CTE 259

OCB 306
OCB 374

RC 355

SCI 112

LIB 353B

OCB 363

RC 378

MTC 325

GEB 379

LIB 314

GEB 351B

CLB 210

CTE 254

CTE 257

RC 347

GEB 340

HSC 121

OCB 246

OCB 248