Sunday, November 29, 2020


Over 4,000 fraudulent applications affects enrollment

On Monday, Nov. 2 the admissions office  began their day a little bit differently than they usually do. Monday marked the deadline for high school students to apply for...


Stop celebrating colonization

Turkey, pumpkin pie, stuffing, mashed potatoes and many other Thanksgiving “traditions” will be on the dining tables of many Americans next Thursday. Celebrating the “unifying moment of the Native Americans and pilgrims.” The legend of the Pilgrims and Native American fall...

Trump lies threaten democracy

Eight states remain undecided. As of writing, in Arizona Biden leads by 3.4% of the vote with 14% remaining, in Nevada Biden leads by 0.6% with 14% remaining, in Wisconsin Biden leads by 0.6% with two percent remaining, in Michigan Biden leads by 0.9% with six percent remaining, in Pennsylvania Trump leads by 8.1% with 20% remaining, in North Carolina Trump leads by...