Column: An apology for my profanity


By Jon Parton

The Campus Ledger printed a bar review in Issue 11 written by me. The article contained two words that are deemed vulgar by most publications, including ours. I would like to apologize for their inclusion in my review.

The words printed were the words I wrote. Neither the adviser to the paper nor any other members of the editorial staff were responsible for my decision.

I make no excuses for my language. Profanity is vulgar, sometimes funny, but more importantly, can be offensive.

The Campus Ledger holds itself up to the standards of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and the Kansas Press Association.

Under the SPJ’s Code of Ethics, journalists are required to minimize harm. Part of that includes showing good taste. I did not show good taste by my inclusion of profanity in the review. By using vulgar language in my article, I neglected the code I believe in.

I have damaged the public trust not only in myself, but in The Campus Ledger as well. My apology extends not only to our readers, but to my fellow staff members who work hard to make the newspaper the best it can be.

In my arrogance, I reached out to one part of our readership while shutting out another. As a journalist, it’s my responsibility to reach as many people as possible. I can’t do that by pushing people away with my use of language.

Above all else, my greatest goal as a journalist is to help create an informed society. I do that by reporting on our world in a clear and objective manner that invites everyone to read and discern the truth.

Although vulgarity may appeal to some, I want to reach everyone. I apologize for the profanity that appeared in my review.

The Campus Ledger is your newspaper, not mine. I never wanted to leave out any part of our readership and I sincerely hope I haven’t.

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