“The Great and Powerful Oz” Review


By Joe Hofbauer

“The Great and Powerful Oz” fits well with the notion of a 1905 crusty Kansas backdrop.

Oz seems to fall short of any deep intricate plots to feed a curious mind. Anyone with an inkling of intuition can see where this story leads. If you have children or the mental capacity of a 13 year old, then I suggest seeing this film. It has enough CGI to sparkle and dazzle any young mind, yet lacks the serious plot depth to keep any adult occupied.

The film starts off in the traditional fashion; a quick black and white introduction to the protagonist. James Franco plays a good-natured con man who tries to charm his way into the hearts of many Hollywood Vixens.

However, his antics soon catch up with him, casting him on his adventure.

When the dust settles, you are left in the vibrant land of Oz. Much like Speed Racer, the producers are eager to get your head spinning with all those unnecessary CGI graphics to capture the attention of any poor soul in the theater.

Action is slow and the plot is spoon-fed to you. I found myself wishing they would explain more of the backstory, such as where the Ruby Red Shoes came from or information on the sisters and their relationship. Character transformations happen too quickly with no real room for building emotional substance to create such actions.

Where were the Tinkers and normal citizens of Oz in the original film? This prequel does a fine job of setting up how Oz got to his position, but offered no helping hands as to a rich history of the supporting cast. However, this movie isn’t all bad. The Munchkins made a small appearance and you knew as soon as they introduced them they were going to burst out in a chipper song and dance.

Men dragged to this film against their will should take comfort in knowing there will be some nice shots of the always delectable Mila Kunis in tight leather pants, despite the fact that she looks as if she stepped off the set of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.” Yet every time I heard her voice, I heard myself saying, “Shut up Meg!”

I highly recommend you wait to rent this movie. If you decide to waste the money and see it in theaters, make sure you bring your two best companions to help you conquer this pitiful attempt at entertainment; Jack & Coke.

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