College Hosts Star Wars Day


By Cade Webb, reporting correspondent,

Video package by Andrew Tady and Mike Abell

Friday was an exciting day for Star Wars fans here at the college. In honor of “May the Fourth be with you,” the Division of Student Life hosted Star Wars Day. Hosted in the Student Lounge, students of the college gathered for a late-morning festival to celebrate the legendary saga. People of all ages were in attendance, and ready to get their pictures taken with their favorite Star Wars characters.

Student Clinton Mulligan was pleased with his experience at the festival.

“I was surprised. I think they [Division of Student Life] did a much better job than I expected,” Mulligan said.

Star Wars finger foods were also readily available. From Princess Lea Cinnamon Buns and Yoda Soda to Vaderade and Hans Rollos, attendees of the festival had Star Wars themed food and drink to go along with the fun-filled atmosphere of the event.

Also present was the 501st Alliance, a group of Star Wars fans who dress up as characters from various episodes of the saga. Characters who were present in the Student Lounge were Jango Fett, and one of Emperor Palpatine’s Royal Guards.

“I thought the costumes were awesome. They looked very real,” Mulligan said.

The turnout for the event was a very big success, according to Mo Chung, an Ambassador of Student Engagement at the college.

“I was astounded that there were tons of people that came out… The alliance and guard of the empire were here, and that was awesome. A lot of pictures were taken,” Chung Said.

The success of the first Star Wars day begs the question, can students expect to see this event every year?

“I would love to see this be a yearly thing, and I would love to see it be on May 4th, instead of May 1st,” Chung said.




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