Cavs Pursuing Greatness for 2015

The women's volleyball shows off some stout defense during its' scrimmage against Ottawa on Monday. The Cavs won 3-2. Photo by James Howey. Photo by James Howey

By James Howey 

The women's volleyball team opens their season this Friday, August 21st at home against MCC-Longview at 4 P.M.  Photo by James Howey.
The women’s volleyball team opens their season this Friday, August 21st at home against MCC-Longview at 4 P.M.
Photo by James Howey.

The college’s volleyball team comes into this season with a lot of new faces, but the squad’s expectations are as high as ever. The team is filled with talent across the board. The Cavs return four players from last year in Abby Goulding, Becca Henderson, Bizzy Chhilcoat and Michelle Tennant.

“So far they have done a great job,” head coach Jennifer Ei said. “They tend to lead in different ways, but they cover all types of the leadership so we really think it’s a solid leadership.”

The Cavaliers bring in three transfers from other schools to boost their firepower. Jordan Morrison played at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Talented freshman Tori Kerr transferred from Fort Hays State University, and Anna Bell was on the 2013 squad and helped lead the Cavs to a District title and a third-place finish at nationals.

“They bring experience, maturity, and they are just more knowledgeable of the flow of the game,” Coach Ei said.

As usual, the Cavaliers’ schedule is filled with plenty of tough teams, including six tournaments.

“It’s nice to get that tough competition because it is a true test of what we need to do and what we need to improve on,” coach Ei said. “A lot of the teams we’ve scheduled this year had to do with seeing them at nationals or potentially seeing them at nationals this year.”

The Cavs have developed great chemistry during the preseason and it is showing on the court.

“They are good teammates to each other and like each other,” coach Ei said. “You don’t always get that with 14 girls.”

Coming from another school, Morrison is having a great time as a Cavalier and is aiming to embrace her leadership position on the team.

“It’s been a really positive experience, and this is probably one of the best teams I’ve ever played on,” Morrison said. “I hope to provide my experience and the things I’ve learned from seeing bad leadership and good leadership.”

The Cavs held a scrimmage against Ottawa University on Monday, in which the team won 3-2.

The Cavaliers officially open the season on Friday the 21st in the JCCC tournament against MCC-Longview at 4 p.m. As in past seasons, look for the Cavs to be in national contention.

“Collectively as a team, they are going to be really fun to watch.” Ei said.

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