Cav Kickoff a Success for Students and Faculty

Jon Pedroza (Student & Glee Club Member), Vincent Duncan ( Student & Member of LGBT & Glee), Ivan Beltran (Student) socializing and enjoying free food. Photo by E.J. Wood.

By Cade Webb

Managing Editor

Wednesday marked an annual event for students at the college. Cav Kickoff is the college’s way of welcoming students back into the new school year. Booths with representatives from clubs and organizations were in attendance, inflatable obstacle courses were set up, and free food was offered at nearly every turn.

Admissions representatives from various colleges were also at Cav Kickoff to answer any questions that students may have about transferring. Cav Kickoff benefits both parties, as it gives students a quick, face-to-face interaction with an admissions representative, and it allows universities to get their name out there, and even introduce the idea of attending their university, which may not have been thought of before.

“We want to welcome anyone to our university…and we welcome their other college credits and want to make sure there’s always someone they can talk to and meet with to help them through that process,” said Kate Migliazzo, Admissions Representative for the University of Missouri.

In addition to universities being represented today, over 40 clubs and organizations at the college were on site, according to Mindy Kinnaman in an interview yesterday.

“I think it’s really cool to see a lot of people here – your friends, people in classes, seeing all the schools that came out here to set up booths and all the clubs” student Abby Goulding said.

Cav Kickoff is something that students look forward to at the beginning of each fall semester. The event is a way for students to ease their way into the first week of classes, and also enjoy a fun afternoon with friends. 

“I’m excited. It’s pretty busy. There’s a lot of people, a good buzz, good atmosphere, and a lot of energy,” student Josiah Klas said.

Overall, it seems that Cav Kickoff was a great success for both students and employees of the college.

“We had a lot of activities for everyone, and it was great to see the new students getting involved. I saw many new students joining clubs and having fun and enjoying time with their friends,” said Jose Pineda Lugo, Student Activities Ambassador.

Staff Reporters Andrew Reichmeier and Shawn Simpson contributed to this report.



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