Sporting KC star makes appearance at the college

Seth Sinovic answers questions for students.

by Cade Webb

Managing Editor

The college put together a fun-filled afternoon for students and Sporting KC fans on Wednesday. Seth Sinovic, defender for Sporting KC

Seth Sinovic poses for pictures with young fans. Photo by E.J. Wood
Seth Sinovic poses for pictures with young fans.

and 2014 SKC Defensive Player of the year, was available for photos and autographs with students.

The event was born from a recent partnership between Sporting KC and the college, and took place on the Regnier Center south lawn, and featured Bubble Soccer and music for the students.


About the partnership between the college and Sporting KC: What you missed over the summer

“I thought it was pretty cool. Bubble soccer is something I’ve never done for myself, but it looked fun. There was some pretty physical play out there,” Sinovic said.

Bubble Soccer involves two teams with four players each, and players are put into a large plastic “bubble” that protects them, but also makes for some pretty devastating hits on opposing players.

Bubble Soccer. Photo by E.J. Wood.
Bubble Soccer.

“Coach probably wouldn’t approve of me playing bubble soccer, but it was definitely entertaining to watch,” Sinovic said.

The college announced the event yesterday on their Facebook page, and despite this short notice, a large number of students, faculty and fans attended the event, with appearances from the men’s soccer team and the Golden Girls.

“It was really fun. I didn’t know that this was happening but I saw the signs on the ground and I ended up here. I’m glad I found it,” student Daniel Thomas said.

This was not Sinovic’s first time at the college, however. Sinovic is a Kansas City native, growing up in Leawood. Sinovic was very complimentary of the college, and was impressed with the turnout.

“It’s a great campus. It’s a great community college, and obviously putting on great activities like this gets everybody interacting together, and that’s pretty cool,” Sinovic said.

ECAV Radio’s Sam Kombrink’s interview with Seth Sinovic


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