Man sentenced for taking pictures of women in bathroom


A Johnson County Court judge sentenced 39-year-old Saysavat Noy Bounyadeth of Lenexa to 34 months in prison, stemming from an invasion of privacy charge last April. Bounyadeth was found photographing unsuspecting women on a second-floor OCB bathroom at the college on April 27. A woman had noticed Bounyadeth filming her in the bathroom, and chased him down until police could apprehend the individual.

Details from April’s incident: Man arrested for recording women in college bathroom

Bounyadeth is a registered sex offender, and was found guilty of three felony counts of invasion of privacy. Bounyadeth recived sentences for all three charges: 17 months on one count, 9 and 8 on the other two counts. Bounyadeth was not a student or member of faculty at the time of the offense.

This is not Bounyadeth’s first sexually motivated crime. Last March, Bounyadeth was released from prison after a few months in prison. Bounyadeth’s time in prison came from a violation of a probation agreement in which he was supposed to attend sex offender treatment. In the incident, Bounyadeth broke into an Olathe woman’s home and stole personal items, including underwear and lingerie.




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