The JO offers students alternative transportation to and from campus

The Jo arrives at the JCCC Carlsen Center. The 710 takes students to and from Lawrence and the KU Edwards campus.

by Shawn Simpson

Staff Reporter

Parking on campus can be a nightmare and the environment is a regular topic of discussion. The JO, Johnson County’s public transportation, offers students a way to avoid the potential headache of parking and cut down on automotive emissions.

One student is clocking some sneaker-miles and dropping some bus fares to do his part.

“It’s really not that far to walk from my house [to KU Edwards Campus to catch The JO],” said Michael Beteet, marketing student. “I love being outdoors … It’s just how I start my day, like going to work … I walk to the bus stop and enjoy the air.”

The JO operates multiple buses that travel to and from the Carlsen Center throughout the day, including frequent connectors to Lawrence. Fares can be paid per ride or discounted with 10-ride and 31-day passes for most services.

JCAV-TV: Students offer their experience of riding The JO:

Making the choice to use public transportation can have further effects than just helping with parking on the campus. “If I can make my [environmental] footprint smaller, it’s good for me and for the environment,” Beteet continued. “If you’re serious about saving the environment, you should ride the bus.”

Beteet added his advice for those considering the bus.

“Have fun. You never know who you’re [going to] meet at the bus stop!”

You can find schedules and information about fares by visiting the JoCoGov website.

Photos by Lance Martin, Photo Editor. Video by JCAV-TV: Heather Foley, Executive Producer, Seth Elliott, Reporter, Anthony Graham, Camera and Caleb Wayne, Graphics. 



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