Cavalier Star Watch: Ashlynn Summar

Ashlynn Summar

By James Howey

Sports Editor


IMG_2233The college’s women’s soccer squad is coming down the home stretch of the season with all their goals in sight for them to seize. The Cavs are led by sophomore Ashlynn Summar, who, for the second straight year, has been a top scorer in the Division I Junior College league. Summar is tied with Joanna Taylor with 18 goals, which leads the conference, and is top-five in the nation. The game that looms large on the season is the away game at Butler Community College, who have stood in the way of a national birth for the Cavs three straight seasons. Summar hopes to help take the Cavs to the next level and make the trip to nationals.


James Howey: How has it been different this year as a sophomore taking more of a leadership role on the team?

Ashylynn Summar:  Well last year I really looked up to the sophomores and how they were leading the team. So this year I would like to emulate that, try to be there for the freshmen, and just show how the team works. Just be a role model for them.


JH: What are some personal goals you have had for yourself this season?

AS: Well last year I had a really good season personally, so I’m trying to at least get at that level or better than that level. I’m trying to be more confident on the ball, be a team player, get my stats up like they were last year and hopefully to get recruited to another college.


JH: What has it been like playing with freshman Joanna Taylor?

AS: I love working with Joanna. She is a really good player. I know if we really work together we can be unstoppable. She’s really confident and it’s good to have someone that’s on your level working and playing with you that helps you do well for the team.


JH: How far do you think you guys can go this season?

AS: I think we’re really good and better than last year. We have really good team chemistry, which obviously helps on and off the field. We have a lot of personal skill, and when we put that together it’s just really beautiful to see it on the field. We have a lot of motivation, which helped us beat Hutchison and can hopefully help us beat Butler. I just think if we keep our focus, are really motivated and determined, we can definitely beat Butler, and we can go along in nationals.


JH: What has it been like playing for Coach Jim Schwab?

AS: Schwab is a good coach. I love him as a coach. He definitely knows what he’s talking about. Yes, he can be really aggressive sometimes, but honestly he does that because he has confidence in us. It’s good to know that if he has confidence in us then you should have confidence in yourself. It does suck when he yells at you, but it’s only to motivate us. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to play for him.


JH: What has always helped to motivate you to do your best through your career of playing soccer?

AS: I do it for myself partly, and there are a lot of people in my life who have been good role models. My family has all played soccer, so I’ve grown up with soccer my whole life, so I’ve always loved it. I get motivated by my teammates and how well they do. I want be on their level and I just want to do the best that I can because it’s not going to last long. I’m almost done — I only have two or three more years of college soccer left. I want to do the best that I can and not regret anything.


JH: Do you plan on playing at a four-year college, and is there a specific one right now?

AS: I would love to play at Kansas State. I think that would be awesome—that’s one of my biggest dreams. I’ve been looking at Newman, Fort Hays State and Central Missouri. Schools that have some good competition and that would be a good fit for me.


JH: What is your favorite movie?

AS: I don’t know, that’s tough. A really good soccer movie I love is “Kicking and Screaming.” I just really like funny movies.


JH: What is your favorite food?

AS: I love Italian food. Spaghetti, lasagna and I like salads too.


JH: Who is your favorite music artist?

AS: I mean I love all music, but probably Carrie Underwood. She’s really good. I love her and all of her songs.


JH: Who is your favorite athlete?

AS: I love Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s really good. Basically the entire women’s soccer team. I’m working with one of the girls on the FC Kansas City teams, Mandy Laddish. So I love her too.


JH: What is your favorite book?

AS: “Thirteen Reasons Why.” It’s pretty intense. It’s basically about a girl who commits suicide and gives 13 reasons why she did it. I love it.


JH: What is your dream job?

AS: I would love to be a doctor. Especially working in the emergency room so you’d see a bunch of different things. So I’d love to be an emergency physician.



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