Exploring Coffee Bars on Campus


There are three coffee bars on campus that cater to students, staff and visitors of the college. Jason Arnett manages all three of the establishments.

“We have Java Jazz here in the COM building, we have vibe over at CLB, and Encore is over at the Carlsen Center,” Arnett said.

Places like these are where students can socialize, work on homework, or just relax. And while all of that can be done in places like Starbucks or Scooters, what sets these coffee shops apart is where they get their coffee.

“We get our coffee from the Roasterie, which is roasted here in Kansas City,” Arnett said. “We order it, it’s roasted that day, and it comes in as fresh as possible the next day. They’re a great partner with us. They provide money for student scholarships and dining every year. They’re a great resource whenever we want to try something new.”

Being a regular also has its perks.

“We do offer loyalty cards, so for every drink you buy, you get a punch on your card, and when you get 12 punches on your card you get a drink of up to $4 – and if you bring your own cup in you get two punches,” Arnett said.

Pastries like muffins and scones are available, as well as smoothies and other beverages. Finally, Arnett discussed the big changes coming soon to the coffee bars in the fall.

“Java Jazz is going to move when the student center is done,” Arnett said. “We’re going to move over there. I don’t know what will to this space yet. But yeah, that’s the big plan on the horizon.”

For the Campus Ledger, I’m Jack McConathy.




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