Honors student association hosts murder mystery masquerade


The Honors Student Association put on a Murder Mystery Masquerade, on Friday the 29th. The event was open to all students of the college as a chance to mingle with their peers. Students purchased a ticket online and were given a name and character to portray during the party.

Karen Rivera-Cobian, HSA president and Anna Page, director of honors program, explained the process of setting up such an event.

Rivera-Cobian said, “So, the first time we actually did it was about two years ago. Um, and it was during the spring as well, it was another murder mystery, somebody thought it was a good idea and we did it. And a little bit less, I think, people showed up last time, but it was pretty fun and we thought we should do it again.”

Page said, “Some things the student’s control, we do have an organization, the Honors Student Association, that all the students in the Honors Program automatically belong to, they don’t have to be active in it, that’s not a requirement of the program, um, but some of them are. And they’re the ones who really plan things like this Murder Mystery.”

The event is one of many that the HSA hosts. Pedro Slon, student activities ambassador, explains the benefits of attending these events.

“It’s always a really good community to be a part of for a lot of reasons, for stuff like this,” Slon said. “Social events, and fundraisers that we do for Honors and through BTK as well.”

Throughout the night, guests were given clues and actions to help progress the solving of the murder.

Rivera-Cobian said, “We were trying to come up with a way to, um, kind of do more things for the entire school. And the murder mystery seemed like first, a really fun thing to do and it also gets people outside their boxes cause they kind of have to stay in character and follow their clues. It’s a lot of learning about team building, so we try to invite all clubs to see if they want to do this just so they can build their team building skills. But mostly it’s just a way to get people to socialize and engage at our school.”

Rivera-Cobian said, “Yeah, it’s pretty cool, uh I hadn’t done an activity like this, so it’s pretty interesting, and at first it was kind cringy and awkward to get into character but then you’re like ‘Oh, okay, we can do this’.”

Katia Rivera-Cobian, student said, “It’s a lot more different than I thought it was ‘cause it’s kind of confusing but we’re getting it figured out.”

At the end of the night, guests like Bat Von Aqua and Omari Black, got to write out who they thought the murderer was.

Von Aqua said, “I think the murderer is Finn Burgundy.”

Black said, “I think the Murderer is Logan Plum.”

For more information on events at the college, visit jccc.edu/events.

From the Campus Ledger, I’m Simone Griggs.




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