Moving forward: Transfer students give advice to newcomers


The end of the spring semester is coming up. Many students like, Montana Harness, Anton Owens and Josh Dawdy will not be returning this fall. The students have prepared for the future and explain their plans and any advice for newly enrolled students.

Harness said, “I’m going to mid-American Nazarene University Nursing then Med school. I want to become a pediatric surgeon. Probably stay on top of your homework and make sure that you use rate my professor to get good professors”

Owens said, “I’m going to be transferring to University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). I’ll be majoring in business administration with an emphasis in management. I’ll be going into the business block school at UMKC. I hope to go into human resources as a career that’s why my emphasis is in management. I was exploring that. Doing some classes related to that, so it should be fun.”

“My advice is to walk around campus I did that my first semester just to really get to know the whole campus I run around everywhere even if I didn’t have a class there, I would just go through all the buildings,” Owens said.

Dawdy said, “My plan is to go to Dental School I’m trying to transfer to UMKC or Univerity of Kansas (KU) Edwards that’s to be decided.

“My major is either going to be biology or biotechnology, I would say don’t slack off your major is probably going to change,” Dawdy said. “You might think the classes you’re in aren’t important, but they will affect your GPA in the end.  Study hard from the beginning and get in with study groups.”

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