Classes that cure the homework headache


College Success Department has courses providing students with opportunities to develop skills and habits that will help them establish and maintain effective learning systems.

Dive in with Professor Valerie Mann and the in-depth details of the courses.

“Our College Success Department has two facets to it,” Mann said. “There is the part that helps you with your academic skills, so transitioning into college and giving you the skills within the classroom to help you be successful. And then we have the side that helps you prepare for your futures. So, these are the career and life planning classes that help you figure out how to get that job and how to prepare for that process once you’re done at the college.”

Why should students take this class?

“So, I think it’s always a good idea to invest in yourself and we can all improve our skills,” Mann said. “College is hard, sometimes we have to rethink how we think.”

Is there anything you would like to add?

“I think it is great idea for students to take a class in our college success department, because I think that it is always good to invest in yourself,” Mann said. “This is a class that allows you to learn new strategies in your academic life. College academics are different than the academics you have seen in high school and it requires a different type of thinking. These classes teach you strategies that not only help you with textbook reading, but how to take notes properly and how to prepare for tests and even take the tests. These classes provide invaluable experience that will help you be successful in the classroom.”

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