The role of counselors on campus




Mehrsa Pourabedkashani (Announcer): The counseling center building is available to help students succeed. Anyone can explore their educational goals and tie them with their career goals. Alicia Bredehoeft, counselor, was happy to tell us about what she sees as the main role of a counselor.  

Alicia Bredehoeft: So, our main role is academic advising and career counseling, but we also do the personal counseling and crisis response on campus.   

Announcer: We also talked to students to see their thoughts on the counseling center. 

 Jason Izquierdo: I think the counseling center here at Johnson County Community College is very useful. They’ve helped me choose all my classes and they’ve helped me really decide on a career path. I think they’re really useful and I think our students here should take advantage of them. 

Beverly Zand: They’re really helpful, because last semester I went to a counselor because I wasn’t sure what classes to take for my major and so she helped me in choosing the classes that would fit my major and be transferable to the college I wanted to go to. So yeah, we sat down and planned our whole schedule and it was really helpful. 

Alicia Bredehoeft: I can tell you that myself and my colleagues would say all of our students come first so meeting the student where they’re at, being present with that student and listening to where their concerns are is our priority. 

Announcer: If you plan on going to the counseling office, it is located in the 2nd floor of the Student Center. From the Campus Ledger, this is Mehrsa Pourabedkashani. 



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