Students donate much needed blood, plasma at this week’s blood drive

Screengrab from Caleb Durland's video documenting this week's blood drive


Caleb Durland (Announcer): The Community Blood Center (CBC) put on a blood drive in the Reignier Center on October first and second. They do this blood drive on a few occasions throughout the school year. We asked Kira Harsh, the CBC account manager, why it was important for people to donate.  

Kira Harsh: It’s important because one in three people is going to need blood at some point in their life. So, it’s highly needed. Only about seven percent of our population actually donates blood, so that seven percent is supplying blood for all of those people.  

Megan Mabry: Most people don’t know about this, but there’s actually a really low supply of blood. So, if someone needs a blood transfusion and there isn’t enough blood… [inaudible]… that person could pass away. 

Announcer: Kira informed us of some cool facts about CBC and how you can donate whenever you want.  

Kira Harsh: ….After our two day drive here at JCCC, you can also go into one of our neighborhood centers. The nearest one to hear is probably Olathe or Overland Park are equal distance, but we have seven neighborhood centers, so wherever you are you can always go into CBC and donate. You can also look at our website and see whatever drives we have going on in your area. We have to collect about 500 units of blood every single day, so chances are we have a drive going on near you just about every day. 95 Percent of our hospitals in the area are supplied by CBC, so if you donate blood with CBC, your blood could be going to a relative, a friend, someone you know, so that’s pretty cool, pretty impactful. If you go into the donor center, you can even use the code “NA” and that will give the credit back to JCCC. 

Announcer: And that’s it with your Campus Ledger story. I’m Caleb Durland.  



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