Who is Jean Claude?

Screengrab from Who Is Jean Claude? video by Landen Fields.



Landen Fields (Announcer): Do you know what the mascot of JCCC is?

Announcer: That is the question, isn’t it? Almost every school in America has a mascot, so I went out and asked students if they knew what JCCC’s was.

Abigayle Keeney: It’s a Cavalier.

Tanner Agpoon: Um, a Cavalier.

Ashton Albright: It’s a Cavalier, isn’t it?

Adam Guerich: Cavalier…Kevin Cavalier?

Announcer: It’s actually Jean Claude, but we’ll get back to that.

Enrique Garcia: The mascot of JCCC is, uh, a Cavalier.

Announcer: We also asked students if they knew what a Cavalier was.

Abigayle Keeney: I have no idea.

Tanner Agpoon: The best type of person there is in the world.

Ashton Albright: No idea…

Adam Guerich: I know that it’s the team LeBron James played for.

Enrique Garcia: It’s like an, uh…army guy? No, not an army guy.

Announcer: According to Webster’s dictionary, the definition of “cavalier” is “A gentleman trained in arms and horsemanship,” or “A mounted soldier.” Not exactly an army guy, but pretty close.

Announcer: We have our very own cavalier, the aforementioned, “Jean Claude.” Unfortunately, I couldn’t get Jean Claude for an interview, but you can see him at various events on campus or at some cavalier sporting events. For The Campus Ledger, I’m Landen Fields.



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