Student athletes lend helping hands to community

By Landen Fields



Landen Fields (Announcer): JCCC Athletics have a lot of on field success. However not all success comes on the field. The JCCC teams also like to participate in community outreach. I was able to speak to a few of the athletes to see what they do off the field. 

Rylie Barnum: We’ve done a couple [things] but last year I do remember we helped Habitat For Humanity. We went and built a house, like our whole team.  

Luke Andrews: We went to a little sports event last year and helped a bunch of little kids play soccer, basically. Just helped [referee], helped coach them a little bit and we were basically their manager helping in and out. 

Gracelyn LaForge: Well this year we did a clinic that was for free for anybody ages five to fourteen. 

Announcer: When I asked what that experience was like helping out in the community, there was one phrase that came up time and again. 

Rylie Barnum: It was really eye opening and great. 

Luke Andrews: It was good. It was eye opening, obviously. 

Gracelyn LaForge: It was very eye opening. We had to be very patient. 

Landen VO: I also asked what they would say to students who were thinking about doing community outreach. 

Rylie Barnum: It’s good, like, team bonding and everything and  it’s very eye opening to see, like, how many people actually need your help and what your help can do. 

Luke Andrews: I would say go for it. Like, it’s both good for you and the children you’re helping. 

Gracelyn LaForge: Definitely go at it … You can help anybody if you just put your mind to it. 

Announcer: For the Campus Ledger, I’m Landen Fields.



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