Halloween Countdown: Student lounge shows Horror-ible Haunted Films

By Samantha Joslin

Vincent Price in House on Haunted Hill.

The student lounge has hosted their Horror-ible Haunted Films series every Wednesday for the past three weeks. Yesterday’s film was “The House on Haunted Hill,” a 1959 horror movie in which a wealthy man offers five people from various backgrounds $10,000 each to spend the night in his haunted home. Recent movies like “Escape Room” owe a lot to this film’s then-unique plot, even if the scares come across as silly now. 

Last Wednesday the student lounge showed “The Blob,” a cult favorite and drive-in classic that follows a pair of teenagers trying to save their town from a giant alien blob. The first film shown was “The Little Shop of Horrors,” the movie about the human-devouring plant that inspired the famous musical. 

The student lounge provided popcorn and candy bars for students and added a movie curtain for decoration. Student life member Alyssa Crites talked about student turnout for the three events leading up to Halloween week.

“I was so surprised by how many people actually did come and really did enjoy it,” Crites said. “I got a lot of positive feedback…it was really great and everyone was like, ‘This is so much fun.’ We turned the room into a haunted movie theater.”

Student life members will redecorate the lounge on October 31, turning it into a haunted room for students to tour. 

“We throw events here all the time,” Crites said. “It’s a really fun place. I feel like it’s just know getting known [by students], but we’re trying to do a lot of fun things to get everyone involved.”

Story by Samantha Joslin



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