Softball team excited about new field

By Landen Fields



Landen Fields (Announcer): Construction has been going on around campus for a long time now. As many of you have likely noticed, there’s a new softball field that has been built on the northwest side of campus. I spoke with a few members of the softball team to get their thoughts on the new field. 

Aubree Brattin-Volkens: Oh, it feels great. I mean our field when I was a player, the current field, was one of the top fields in the conference and we just haven’t had the progression as everyone else has and we’ve done a lot to continue to keep it going and maintain as much as we could but it’s been a long time coming to get that turf. 

Emily Fox: It feels pretty good because having turf like pretty much eliminates any weather conditions, not any, but, like, most of it. So, like, we can still play through rain and anything like that, like our dirt field doesn’t hold water very well so it causes a lot of issues with that. 

(Announcer): When I spoke to Coach Brattin-Volkens, she said that the field would be ready by the time their season starts in the spring semester. SoI can’t wait to watch a few games when that time rolls around. For the Campus Ledger, I’m Landen Fields. 



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