Where do your donated jeans go?

By Reece Krall



Reece Krall (Announcer) You may have seen jean drive donation boxes around campus. However, many people don’t know what they’re for and where they go. The President and Vice President of the business club sat down for an interview and told us a little more about the Jean Drive 

Diedrick Otienkya: Working on the Jean Drive, it helps each and everyone of usLast year we were able to collect over 1000 pounds of jeans… which was excellentSo it’s a two semester period, so [we] start in the fall and then we collect the jeans at the end of the springWhat we do is we collect, we gather all of the jeans. 

Isiah Risby: They get shipped to Cotton Incorporated, they make the shredded up denim and then gets shipped to Habitats for HumanityIt’s a non-profit that helps build houses for communitiesThe importance of this drive is to keep the jeans out of the landfills 

Announcer: From The Campus Ledger, this has been Reece Krall. 



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