Army National Guard flies helicopters over campus

By Rohan Patel



Rohan Patel (Announcer): Faculties and staff members here at JCCC were paid a visit by Army National Guard. Here is Captain Kinsey telling us about the event.  

Kinsey: Here today at JCCC, to kind of show the both the incentives that the Kansas Army National Guard provides, and also give faculty and staff the opportunity to actually ride in a Black Hawk. Black Hawk, like the bird, it’s a UH-60 model. It’s a utility helicopter. 

Announcer: Here is one of the responses from a counselor who experienced the ride in an Army chopper.  

Jennifer Fontaine: It was really fun, I thought it would be bumpier, and colder, and louder, but it was actually pretty smooth, and it was fun seeing landmarks in Kansas City that I didn’t know if I would recognize from the sky, really pretty with the fall leaves, super fun. It was my first time riding in a helicopter.  

Announcer: Overall, it was an interesting experience for students and staff. And this is Rohan Patel reporting from The Campus Ledger. 



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