Stories from the evicted and homeless

By Reece Krall



Reece Krall (Announcer): Tara Ragahuveer, a KC Tenants rights activist came to JCCC to tell us stories of those who have faced eviction and ways to fight back against unfair landlords.  

Tara Ragahuveer: Their stories and my relationship with them have taught me that the reality of the economy is that most of us are one emergency away from an eviction or homelessness. I got really angry about the clear, deliberate exploitation of power and privilege. So much of housing policy practice is prioritizing property owners and landlords, at the injury to tenants and that makes me really mad, I’m like mad about bullies. First thing is to start paying attention to the stories of people who are affected by the issue, folks who are so inclined can come to the KC tenants meetings on Saturdays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at 4526 Paseo Street.

Announcer: From the Campus Ledger, this has been Reece Krall.



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