Cav Moment: strumming spirit

By Gracyn Shulista

Faith Hamel playing guitar. Photo by Mariana Figueroa Losada.

At 13 years old, Faith Hamel picked up a guitar and began to strum.  

She had recently heard that her inspiration at the time, Niall Horan from One Direction, played the guitar, and she wanted to start playing, too.  

“He played the guitar and it kind of got me interested in guitar because I have always loved the sound,” Hamel said.  

Hamel’s passion for music does not just stop at her guitar playing. She loves listening to pop punk, classic rock and a little bit of alternative, especially when she’s overworked by her busy schedule. 

“When I’m stressed, I just turn on music and listen,” Hamel said.  

Hamel says she works hard at her schoolwork and knows she is on the right track to reach her goals because of that. She studies during the week and spends her weekends working at a grocery store. When asked to describe her life in three words, her choices were simple: “busy, busy, busy.”  

Hamel also has plans to major in journalism and has a very high interest in music journalism. Already, Hamel spends time interviewing local artists and bands at the concerts she loves. 

“I experienced a different environment [at small, local venues] that’s not usually like concerts you pay to see,” Hamel said. “I’ve gotten to meet amazing people who are talented.” 

After finishing up her associate degree, Hamel plans to transfer to Park University and enroll in their journalism program, where she hopes to study abroad in London. Her love of music and passion for journalism have fused into one dream career: working for the Rolling Stones, writing what she loves.  

Hamel said, “I want to show the world the amazing talent that’s blossoming in the music world.” 

By Gracyn Shulista



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