Instructor teaches Tai Chi to relieve faculty stress

By Connor Stewart



Connor Stewart (Announcer): Certain martial arts date back thousands of years and can be used for self-defense, fitness, or even stress relief, like in the case of Tai Chi. I got to chat with campus Tai Chi instructor, Sally Gordon, to get an idea of the art.

Sally Gordon: Tai Chi is a martial art. So it began about two thousand years ago in China. The monks actually were people who sat and meditated all the time. They were taught Tai Chi for a defensive mode, but it became more of a stress-type of martial art. We do meditation, we do Qigong, which is energy work, and then we do standing, moving postures.  

Announcer: She also was able to give me some information as to how it could help with someone in their daily life.

Sally Gordon: So many times they go into meetings, where you have so many thoughts going through your head, so this gives you a method to sit and just start breathing for a few moments before the class of the meeting starts and they can then focus on what they are needing to focus on. It also helps with our balance. Everyone as we age, we have a little difficulty balancing, so what Tai Chi does is it tells you to focus on your Tantien, or the center of your body-your core. 

Announcer: Currently the class is offered on Tuesdays from 12:10-12:50 in GYM 007, and is only offered for campus faculty but Sally did say that she is open to teaching students in future semesters if there is a demand for it. This has been Connor Stewart reporting for The Campus Ledger.



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