Students organize Bollywood dance for food court performance

By Mehrsa Pourabedkashani



Announcer: In Johnson County Community College, students arranged a Bollywood dance event for anyone who wants to join and support the event. It will be held on Monday Nov. 18 in the food court area. 

Aliza Bangash: I think it’s really cool how they’re coordinating it because this time they have a lot more people and I like their songs and their choices because they have like a lot of different variety.

The dancers have been practicing for the last week and will be performing to five songs at noon.

Aisha Mansoor: It’s really cool, “Desi Girl” was actually a really hit song when it came out and I know a lot of people danced on it and it was like one of those high school songs that everybody loved, so I’m pretty excited about it.

With The Campus Ledger, this is Mehrsa Pourabedkashani. 



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