Veteran services hosts second oral history event

By Reece Krall




Reee Krall (Announcer): JCCC veteran services hosted an event last Thursday that highlighted the stories of those who have served and their experiences before, during and after war. This is the second year they have done this, this year hosting Carl Snyder and Tim Barnhart. Kena Zumalt, the head of veteran services, tells us more.  

Kena Zumalt: So we went ahead and interviewed a few more people this past year, so we are presenting them and their stories this evening. 

It does a couple of things. Number one, it puts that oral history down for posterity. Once they’ve completed the oral history. once they finish that we provide the veteran with a CD of that, so they’ve got a taped copy, you know, for their family, that kind of thing. And they’re kept on the libraries website and the Kansas Studies Institute website.

I hope that this becomes a tradition and that people will want to reach out to veteran services with any inquiries about doing oral histories. Because we’d like to continue to make this a tradition, as I said, and be able to create a good amount of oral histories for future use.  

Announcer: From The Campus Ledger, this has been Reece Krall 



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