Students’ Thanksgivings traditions

By Connor Stewart


CONNOR STEWART (ANNOUNCER): Thanksgiving is just around the corner but before JCCC students head off to stuff their faces and spend time with family, I got to ask them what holiday traditions they have, their favorite part of the holiday, and what the best Thanksgiving food is. Here is what they had to say: 

 MICHELLE MADDOCK: Yeah, some fun Thanksgiving traditions that my family does, is we play football, like in the front yard. We usually have like a wrestling tournament, too, amongst like my brothers and my dad.  

 AMOGE WAMKPH: Literally the night after we celebrate with the feast, we all put up the Christmas tree together. 

 MARK GRACIDAS: Play family football games. The uncles against cousins, cousins against uncles. Pretty fun. 

AMANDA HOSLER: My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is to eat a lot of food and then pass out with my cousins on the couch after watching the game.  

 MICHELLE MADDOCK: My favorite part about Thanksgiving is the dessert. 

 AMOGE WAMKPH: Having everyone together and like celebrating the holiday.  

 MARK GRACIDAS: My favorite part about Thanksgiving is just that family time. The nice vibe that we get to spend with each other and talk about life.  

AMANDA HOSLER: I like visiting my family and seeing them since I haven’t seen them in a while. And my favorite food is pie.  

MARK GRACIDAS: The stuffing.  

AMOGE WAMKPH: My mom makes meat pies 

MICHELLE MADDOCK: My great aunt’s, we call it Mrs. Cindy’s corn because that’s her name, but it’s really just like…It’s not like cheese corn, it’s like cream corn. My mom never makes it. She only makes it on Thanksgiving and that’s the best Thanksgiving food.  

ANNOUNCER: This has been Connor Stewart, and from the Campus Ledger, have a Happy Thanksgiving! 



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