Leading scorer for women’s basketball team shares future plans

By Landen Fields




Landen Fields (Announcer): With JCCC being a two year college, many student athletes will transfer out after their two years are done to move on to a four year school. However, sometimes a student athlete will transfer in to play on the JCCC athletic teams. One of these student athletes is Krystal Rice, a member of the women’s basketball team. She transferred in from Indiana State, this past off season to play at JCCC.

Krystal Rice: A former player who played at Johnson County, actually played at Indiana State with me. And she suggested I come here. And she always raved about Coach Conrad and so I felt like, for me personallyto grow as a basketball player and as a person, it only made sense to come here 

Announcer: And this is what her experience has been like so far at the college. 

Krystal Rice: Some of my favorite parts of JCCC is how small the class sizes are. I feel like I can really connect with my teachers. I really love being with my teammates every single day. Seeing them around campus cause everything’s so small and, like, close knit. The basketball program has a good reputation so – well great reputation I should say, and I really love that.  

Announcer: Even while Krystal may love JCCC, a player of her talent can’t stay at the community college level forever.  

Krystal Rice: I definitely want to go back D one to another four year. Not sure where yet, but that is my goal. Just to kind of take what I’ve learned from being at Indiana State, take what I’ve learned being here just as far as culture. I really want to go somewhere that’s big on culture and reputation and playing for something bigger than just basketball. Which I have found here, which I didn’t find at Indiana State. The culture here at Johnson County is huge a far as basketball. They have a great reputation, Conrad has a great reputation. They’ve won national championships, runner up championships. And hopefully, you know we want to put another banner up which I do feel like we have great opportunity with the players we have and with Coach Conrad being our coach.  

Announcer: Good luck to the women’s team this season as they continue to move into 2020. They are having a fantastic season as they look to fulfill those championship aspirations. Krystal Rice is also leading the team in scoring with 14 points per game. Again, good luck to the Cavaliers this season, and for the Campus Ledger, I’m Landen Fields. 



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