Cavalier Basketball Update

By Caleb Durland

Screengrab from "Cavalier Basketball Update" video


Caleb Durland (Announcer): The women’s basketball team is just past the midpoint of their season. They’re ranked fourth in the country at a record of seventeen and one. To this point, guard Krystal Rice has shined with fourteen point one points per game. Heading into the backstretch of the season, the girls look finish strong and prepare for the postseason. The JCCC men’s basketball team is currently ranked fifth in the country with a record of sixteen and two.Up to this point in the season, JaQuaylon Mays has impressed with sixteen point eight points per game. Like the women’s team, the men’s team is also preparing to make a championship run this postseason. That’s your JCCC sports update. From the Campus Ledger, I’m Caleb Durland.



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