Childcare center offers financial help to student parents

Produced by Mehrsa Pourabedkashani

Screengrab from video

Mehrsa Pourabedkashani (Announcer): Johnson County Community College offers a Childcare Center in the HCDC (Hiersteiner Child Development Center) building. We talked to Claire Ehney, the HCDC managerto hear more about the center. 

Claire Ehney: The Hiersteiner Child Development center is on the west side of the campus and is available for all students, staff and community people. We do take children ages one and a half to age six. Students do have the lowest rate because this is a service to students; we want to help support them through their school. There are a couple of grants available. One is called the childcare access grant and one is the childcare assistance grant. And they can pay up to 95 percent to 100 percent of their childcare cost while they’re in school. We are open year-around, 7 o’clock in the morning to 6 o’clock at night Monday through Friday. 

Announcer: With The Campus Ledgerthis is Mehrsa Pourabedkashani. 



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