Meditation room provides safe space for students to pray

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Mehrsa Pourabedkashani (Announcer): Johnson County Community College offers a meditation room for students to use on a daily basis. We talked to faculty members to hear more about this service. 

Michael Stonebarger: The meditation room is located in the back of the center for student involvement. It’s open every day from eight to five. And it’s just a really relaxing private room where students can go to meditate and decompress. As I was saying earlier, it’s really good for Muslim students who pray five times a day and don’t have safe space on campus where they can do that. 

Announcer: We also talked to students to hear their thoughts about the meditation room. 

Muhammad Tayyab: I think the meditation room is really helpful when you are here on campus and you need to pray. 

Muhammad Arslan: I think it’s really amazing I mean the room is a little small but still it’s an amazing place and the good thing for us is they’re opening late evenings. They have like probably all the books, they have Quran, the Book of Mormon, they have Bible. For everything, for people with different beliefs so they can practice their faith, I think it’s convenient for everybody. 

Announcer: With the Campus Ledger, this is Mehrsa Pourabedkashani 



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