Students promote clubs and orgs on Club Day

Produced by Rohan Patel



Rohan Patel (Announcer): The college organized a club day this Monday at the Carlsen Center. Varieties of clubs and organizations came down to promote their club for the students.

Joshua Joswara: This is the club for JCCC students and also for the people from around the world who go to JCCC. We’ve got a lot of activities … The main event and game night.

Mindi Leftwich: So this club is about mental health awareness and wellness and advocacy. So, we like to get together and educate everybody on the different mental health issues that are out there.

Josh Sanders: This club is Ultimate Frisbee Club. We essentially just have pick-up games during the week, we throw around the frisbee, we just like to be outside and have fun.

Sailor Usher: The student senate of JCCC is the voice of the students to the staff. So, what we do is we try and figure out what all of the students need and what issues are important to them and we bring those issues to the faculty of JCCC, and then they can help us implement those changes.

Announcer: For more information about those clubs, go to the JCCC website and look for the club organizations. For The Campus Ledger, this is Rohan Patel.



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