The Cultural Impact of the Cricket Club

Produced by Rohan Patel



Rohan Patel (Announcer): Johnson County Community College has a cricket club, where students gather to play cricket as a team. Here is one of the members who will tell us more about this club. 

Ahmed Saad: Cricket is played all over the world, but actually it’s kind of going up in the U.S. That’s why we started playing here too. And the main play about cricket is there’s a batter and there’s a bowler. That’s how we play. The equipment that is required to play cricket is going to be a bat and a ball and a few stumps. The stump is basically the gear that the batter protects. The reason how we got started is that we just clicked from the start. The second I saw them I just asked them where they were from. They told me they were from India and I’m from Pakistan. Even though there’s a lot of political things going between each of the countries, but the people are actually really nice to each other. That’s how we really bonded, and we bonded over cricket. And we decided to make a cricket club in order to promote our culture, tell people what cricket is about and kind of spread the beauty of the game. 

Announcer: For more information go to our JCCC website and look for the club organizations. If you are interested about playing cricket you should definitely check this club out. This is Rohan Patel from The Campus Ledger.  



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