Cavalier baseball preview

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Caleb Durland (Announcer): The baseball season is started here at JCCC and we got the chance to catch up with head coach Kent Shelly and ask him about the expectations for this season. 

Kent Shelly: Well, the expectations are high. We always set the bar high. The standards are high, and we’re really excited about this bunch. Overall, I like our hitting, 1 through 9 and we got several guys coming off the bench that can really swing it for us. So, I think we’re going to hit really well. I think it will be one of our best offensive clubs we’ve had on quite some time. I think eventually defensively we got a chance to have one of our better clubs. 

Announcer: One element that makes Coach Shelley’s teams so successful is something he refers to as the “plus factor.”

Kent Shelly: Again, I think the camaraderie, the brotherhood they really love one another. They love practicing. They love lifting weights. They hang out together on and off the field. So, the camaraderie, the brotherhood, the cohesiveness are second to none. 

Announcer: The expectations are high for this team as Coach Shelly told us.  

Kent Shelly: Well, the end goal is to be playing our best baseball towards the end of the conference hopefully competing for that conference championship. We want to be playing our best baseball year in heading into postseason play and certainly the region 6 championship in Wichita, Kansas. 

Announcer: From The Campus Ledger, I’m Caleb Durland.



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