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Last season, the JCCC Softball Team was 27-14 and they won their district championship. They eventually lost in the second round of the national championship. The softball season starts this Friday for the Cavaliers when they host Jefferson College on Friday. Here is head coach Aubree Brattin-Volkens on how the team is preparing to kick off the season.  

Aubree Brattin-Volkens: We’ve been practicing every day since mid-January. We had a pretty good fall season, which is crucial for us to prepare for the spring season. We play a lot of 4-year schools. Just in the last few days we’ve been doing an inter-team scrimmage to kind of try to iron out any kinks that we need to see or expose before we start our first games.  

Johnson County softball has made the national tournament 3 years in a row. Brattin-Volkens discussed the expectations she has for this team.  

Aubree Brattin-Volkens: Every single year we have high expectations of winning a conference championship, winning a regional championship and at least getting to the national tournament. We always make it a goal of ours to compete for that national title and this year more than ever, we’ve set ourselves up game wise to play a lot more games. Higher competition so that we cannot only win a conference title and a regional title like we did last year but really fight and hopefully win a national championship.  

Aubree made it known that her team has something special that can’t be coached.  

Aubree Brattin-Volkens: They’ve got a lot of competitive drive which is something that you can’t coach. It’s something that you just have within you as an athlete. It’s something we look for when we recruit athletes. More than ever these girls have a fire and a want to win and that’s something that’s real special about this group for sure.  

Coach Brattin-Volkens has some words for the fans who support the team.  

Aubree Brattin-Volkens: Our game is so exciting. We’ve got a new, beautiful facility. It’s contagious to get out here and feel the energy and feel the fun that we have on the field. These girls, they’ll excite you. They won’t disappoint. Every day, they bring it. Out here in practice, I’m thrilled and looking forward to seeing how much that’s going to transfer over into a game. Even more so, you’ll fall in love with them. Just give them a chance. Come out and watch.  

And that’s all for your softball preview. From The Campus Ledger, I’m Caleb Durland.  



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