Student Environmental Alliance allows students to discuss environmental issues

Mehrsa is a Producer for The Campus Ledger. This is her fourth semester at JCCC. She enjoys videography and editing different events on campus. She is passionate about video editing, photography and taking care of her turtle.



The Student Environmental Alliance discusses environmental issues and volunteering opportunities in the community. Lani Witters and Daniel Cryer are two professors who will educate us about the alliance.  

Lani Witters: We meet twice a month on the first and third Friday of the month and we get together to discuss environmental issues and things that we’re interested in just to increase our understanding of those issues and then we also look for opportunities to do something in our community. 

Daniel Cryer: We try to partner with local environmental organizations and do hands-on work with them. We try to create a space on campus where students can have conversations about environmental issues that they’re concerned about; environmental career tracks and really try to give students a space to define the club in the way that they want.  

With The Campus Ledger, this is Mehrsa Pourabedkashani.



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