Details on campus closure

Written by Samantha Joslin

From photo sharing site Pixabay.

According to an update emailed at noon today, the campus will be closed through March 30, with all classes transitioning to online that date. Spring break will be extended by one week, now lasting from March 14 – March 29. During the break, in-person professors will work to make their courses online-only. All campus events are cancelled through April 5.

Classes that were already delivered online may continue as scheduled, but students should check for updates from their professors for specific details. All college-related international travel, like study abroad programs, have been cancelled; trips to high-risk areas, like New York City and Washington state, are being considered on a case-by-case basis. The college is working through a process to reimburse students and faculty who have already paid for these trips.

School counselors are currently working to make Zoom, a video-chat service, and phone appointments a viable option for contact with students. Students and faculty will continue to receive updates through their stumail accounts.

CANVAS training sessions will be available to professors at this time and professors are tasked with communicating their plans to students in the coming days.



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